Ground Based Generators

Ground-based Generators

We have evaluated many options for improving the characteristics of liquid generators.

The main problem of today’s liquid generators is that they produce aerosol particles which are partially ineffective. This is ultimately caused by the composition of the seeding agents which contain relatively small quantities of the substances, which produce aerosols during combustion.

By changing the composition of both the seeding agents and the generator design, we are able to achieve a much better seeding result compared to other liquid generators.

We have built working prototypes and are currently producing the first batch of generators. Please contact us for further details and references.

Drawing of Ground-based Generators for Cloud Seeding
Cloud Temp.
Icon for Cold Clouds
Icon for Ground-based Generator
Use Cases
Icon for Hail Suppression
Icon for Rain Enhancement / Reduction
Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction
Icon for Fog Dispersal

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