Aerosol-generating, glaciogenic flare for cold cloud seeding


Ejectable flare

  • Aerosol-generating, glaciogenic flare for cold cloud seeding
  • Pyrotechnic ejectable operation
  • Most versatile for many different use cases
  • Features our unique and highly effective cloud seeding reagent
  • Safe (non-explosive) and reliable (can be stored up to 10 years)

Use Cases

  • Rain enhancement and suppression
  • Hail suppression
  • Snow enhancement and suppression
  • Fog and smog dispersal


Flare Calibre Standard 21 mm; others available on demand
Pyrotechnics weight 20 g 30 g 35 g
Dual Burning Mode
Approximate burning time Standard 40 seconds; others available on demand
Active particle yield per gram pyro at -6 °C 3.80 x 10 12 3.80 x 10 12 6.77 x 10 12
Total yield per flare at -6 °C 2.58 x 10 14 5.70 x 10 14 7.60 x 10 14

Custom flares are available on request.

Cloud Temp.
Icon for Cold Clouds
Icon for Top-Seeding by Aircraft
Use Cases
Icon for Hail Suppression
Icon for Rain Enhancement / Reduction
Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction
Icon for Fog Dispersal

Performance Benefits

Through the use of unique dual burning mode nozzle technology, Cloud Seeding Technologies‘ ejectable flares have a higher yield, across a greater temperature range, than other products currently available on the market, as summarised in the following graph.

Active particles generated at different temperatures

CST ejectable flares also use the entire flare sleeve volume, further increasing the total yield per flare.

Additional Benefits

  • Best Performance in Warm Climates – In warmer climates, CST flare performance far outstrips the competition.
  • Increased Reliability – The fundamentally new design of CST flares gives very reliable burning intensity and allows flexible burning time selection.
  • Greater Safety – The homogeneous distribution and elastic properties of CST materials virtually eliminate the risk of spontaneous explosions.
  • High Operating Altitude – There are no altitude limitations to the use of CST ejectable flares.
  • Longer Shelf-Life – The hydrophobic compounds used in CST flares exclude the presence of water vapour. This allows significantly longer storage times than flares made using traditional compounds.
  • More Flexibility –CST flares can be configured more flexibly than competing products, giving higher efficiency throughout the entire burning time.

Dual Burning Mode

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