Ground Based Cloud Seeding Generator


Ground Based Cloud Seeding Generator

  • Robust, high-quality design
  • Usable in both cold and warm cloud environments
  • Intelligent flow control
  • Automatic tube and nozzle self-cleaning capability
  • Solar panel or 110V/220V power options
  • 3G/4G communication module
  • Weather station measuring local wind speed and direction, air pressure, humidity and temperature
  • Remote web-browser based access for unit control and monitoring of operating and weather data
  • Optional centralised server-based remote management of multiple generators in parallel

The next level of ground based cloud seeding

Cloud Seeding Technologies’ Vesta ground generator combines state of the art custom-designed seeding materials with optimum combustion techniques and the latest control and communications technologies to achieve best-in-class precipitation results. The generator is designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Vesta can be effectively employed for several use cases in both cold and warm cloud environments. Remote operation is made possible by monitoring and management over 3G/4G networks, a built-in weather station and solar-powered battery unit, and automatic cleaning of critical tubes and nozzles. Unlike other generators CST’s Vesta uses a safe, propane and butane-free combustion system. To increase stabilisation in windy conditions, tension cables fix the generator to the ground.

Use Cases

  • Rain enhancement and suppression
  • Snow enhancement and suppression
  • Hail suppression
  • Fog and smog dispersal


  • Long periods of reliable, unattended operation possible
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Enables dynamic, operator-controlled response to changing weather conditions
  • Ability to build and remotely manage a network of generators
  • Software based architecture enables easy product updates
Cloud Temp.
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Use Cases
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Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction
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