Aerosol-generating, glaciogenic flare for cold cloud seeding


Burn-in-place flare

  • Aerosol-generating, glaciogenic flare for cold cloud seeding
  • Pyrotechnic burn-in-place operation
  • Most versatile for many different use cases
  • Features our unique and highly effective cloud seeding reagent
  • Safe (non-explosive) and reliable (can be stored up to 10 years)

Use Cases

  • Rain enhancement and suppression
  • Hail Suppression
  • Snow enhancement and suppression
  • Fog and smog dispersal


Flare Calibre 26 mm
Pyrotechnics weight 75 g 150 g 200 g 250 g
Approximate burning time 97 s 195 s 260 s 325 s
Active particle yield per gram pyro at -6 °C 3.8 x 10 12
Total yield per flare at -6 °C 2.58 x 10 14 5.70 x 10 14 7.60 x 10 14 9.50 x 10 14

Custom flares are available on request.

Performance Benefits

Laboratory tests of Cloud Seeding Technologies‘ flares regularly demonstrate significantly higher yield, across a greater temperature range, than other products currently available on the market, as summarised in the following graph.

Active particles generated at different temperatures

CST‘s new burn-in-place flares use fully combustible tubes, minimising active material loss through precipitation on the flare wall, and maximising overall effectiveness.

Additional Benefits

  • Increased Reliability – The fundamentally new design of CST flares gives very reliable burning intensity and allows flexible burning time selection.
  • Greater Safety – The homogeneous distribution and elastic properties of CST materials virtually eliminate the risk of spontaneous explosions.
  • High Operating Altitude – CST burn-in-place flares can be used up to an altitude of 6 km.
  • Longer Shelf-Life – The hydrophobic compounds used in CST flares exclude the presence of water vapour. This allows significantly longer storage times than flares made using traditional compounds.
  • More Flexibility – CST flares can be configured more flexibly than competing products, giving higher efficiency throughout the entire burning time.
Cloud Temp.
Icon for Cold Clouds
Icon for Top-Seeding by Aircraft
Icon for Below-cloud Seeding by Aircraft
Use Cases
Icon for Hail Suppression
Icon for Rain Enhancement / Reduction
Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction
Icon for Fog Dispersal

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