Consulting Services

We offer a range of services designed to help you get the most out of your cloud seeding programme.

Feasibility Studies

Before you start to invest in a project it is critical to understand whether cloud seeding is likely to be successful given your local circumstances. Our experts will examine the most important meterological, topological and hydrological factors in your situation and evaluate the potential benefits you can expect from the application of cloud seeding. We will also make an initial assessment of what areas to seed, using which methods. 

Method Selection

For the next step in the planning of your programme we will help you select the cloud seeding method best suited to your situation. This evaluation can be performed using the initial conclusions from the feasibility study, or as a standalone service starting from scratch.   We will come up with detailed recommendations for which areas to seed, when, using which seeding methods. 

Product Selection

Once feasibility has been evaluated and the method selected, we will recommend which cloud seeding product or products should you use. This can cover the use of ground systems, airborne systems, generators or flares. 

Programme Design, Set-up, Readiness and Optimisation

The success of your cloud seeding programme stands or falls by the quality of your equipment, organisation and processes and the way you apply your staff’s expertise. Not only do all of these elements have to be set up correctly at the start of the programme but, for continued success, your operation also needs to be reviewed, maintained and optimised on an ongoing basis. Our design, set-up, readiness and optimisation services can help maximise the chances of your programme’s success both at its inception and throughout its lifetime.  

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