Cloud Seeding Products

Our products are designed to be versatile, effective and reliable while offering both economic and ecological advantages.

Our Product Range

Photo of ZEUS


Burn-in-place flare

Photo of IKARUS


Ejectable flare
New Feature: Dual Burning Mode!

Photo of TARU


Hygroscopic flare



Powder flare

Photo of Aircraft Mounted Generator

Aircraft Mounted Generators

Generators for cloud based seeding

Drawing of Ground-based Generators for Cloud Seeding

Ground Based Generators

Genrerators for ground based seeding

Racks & Mounting Options

including installation and certification

We provide a wide range of racks and mounting options for our flare products. These racks can be fitted on aircrafts ranging from a Cessna 172 all the way up to a King Air 350. We can offer a turnkey solution which includes the racks, the aircraft installation and the certification work. Our engineers can do the certification paperwork (STC) either for the FAA or EASA aviation authority. STCs approved either by the FAA or EASA are typically accepted by every other local aviation authority.
The photo on the left shows an economical seeding installation on the Cessna 182 including the Cloud Seeding Generator JUNO MK1 and a Burn in Place Flare Rack for our ZEUS flares. The two other photos show a high end installation on two different turbo propeller aircrafts (Piper Cheyenne and King Air 350) with a flare rack allowing to mount the ZEUS, TARHUNNA or TARU product.

Dispensers for IKARUS ejectable flares

maximum efficiency on your seeding missions

CST can supply an aviation certified ejectable flare dispenser system for mounting on the belly of the seeding aircraft. The system is designed, developed and produced by an OEM company whose core business is to produce such dispenser systems for other applications. The system comprises an array of four flare magazines mounted under the aircraft belly, each holding 90 ejectable glaciogenic flares, and a control unit installed in the cockpit. All sizes of CST ejectable flares fit into and can be fired from the same flare holders. The magazine assembly is attached to the aircraft by angles or adapters tailored to the specific aircraft installation.

dispenser-unit for ejectable flares
interface of dispenser-unit for ejectable flares

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Cloud seeding can be complex, and we are here to answer your questions. CST can also provide data sheets for products and consultations for services. Please feel free to contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible.