Consulting Services

We offer a range of services designed to help you get the most out of your cloud seeding programme.

Planning, Implementation and Operational Services

Our Consulting Services

Making use of our wide expertise we guide you through the complete process of anaylsis, planning, process design and set-up as a strong consulting partner. The success of your cloud seeding programme stands or falls by the quality of your equipment, organisation and processes and the way you apply your staff’s expertise. We make sure that these elements are set up correctly at the start of the programme and, for continued success, wil also review, maintain and optimise your operation on an ongoing basis. Our design, set-up, readiness and optimisation services can help maximise the chances of your programme’s success both at its inception and throughout its lifetime.  

Starter Package

CST offers new entrants an easy way to start evaluating the feasibility of getting into the cloud seeding business. With a package of initial advisory services we will help you map out the route from your business idea to your business plan and understand the factors that will affect the success of your venture. Bringing our expertise and experience in the fields of cloud seeding science, systems, materials, and planning, implementation and operations services to bear, we will guide you through the initial scoping of the analysis you’ll need to do and choices you’ll need to make along the way. To find out more about what offer, please contact us on




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