Aircraft Mounted Cloud Seeding Generator


Airborne Cloud Seeding Generator

Best-in-class Airborne Cloud Seeding Generator

Cloud Seeding Technologies’ Juno aircraft-mounted cloud seeding generator combines state of the art materials with optimum combustion techniques to achieve best-in-class seeding results. It has been developed for optimised combustion, good controllability, low maintenance, maximum safety and ultimately better performance than other generators available up till now. The generator is designed and manufactured in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Juno can be effectively employed for several use cases in cold cloud environments. The system is software controlled, incorporating automatic shutdown during take-off and landing. Juno is propane and butane-free, using custom-designed acetone-based safe seeding solutions which burn effectively regardless of altitude and speed. The location of the generator’s suspension minimises changes in its centre of gravity between full and empty state, giving optimal aircraft stability.

Use Cases


Cloud Temp.
Icon for Cold Clouds
Icon for Top-Seeding by Aircraft
Icon for Below-cloud Seeding by Aircraft
Use Cases
Icon for Hail Suppression
Icon for Rain Enhancement / Reduction
Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction
Icon for Fog Dispersal

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