Cloud Seeding - Use Cases

We provide best-in-class cloud seeding technologies that enable you to fulfill your individual weather modification needs.

How to change the weather

Cloud Seeding is a method of weather modification: Seeding agents are dispersed into clouds in a controlled manner. These materials then alter microphysical processes within the cloud, for example by providing additional condensation / ice nuclei or altering relative humidity by introducing hygroscopic particles.

These techniques can be used to increase or decrease precipitation (rain- or snowfall) in a certain area. Cloud seeding can also be applied to suppress or mitigate hail.

Our client’s objectives include water supply management, preventing hail stone damage to crops or industrial facilities and improving weather conditions for winter sports and other events. Both the seeding agents and the means of deployment have to be selected depending on the type and temperature of clouds, the desired effect, terrain and circumstances.

Our product range covers all common scenarios. Using our technology you can seed warm and cold clouds. Our seeding materials can be deployed by aircraft or ground based generators.

Cloud Seeding in cold clouds
Cloud Seeding in warm clouds

Types of Cloud Seeding

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Top Seeding by Aircraft

Seeding agent is deployed above or inside cloud. Adequate products are both burn-in-place or ejectable flares. Aircraft-mounted generators or – when seeding warm clouds – hygroscopic systems may also be used for this type of seeding.

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Below-cloud Seeding by Aircraft

Seeding agent is deployed below the cloud and then naturally distributed by updrafts or thermals. Burn-in-place flares, aircraft-mounted generators or hygroscopic systems may be utilized to achieve this.

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Ground-based Seeding by Generators, Balloons & Drones

Especially for seeding low-hanging, cold clouds (e.g. in mountainous terrain) ground based seeding techniques may be used to economically deploy the seeding agent.

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Common Use Cases

Icon for Hail Suppression

Hail Suppression

Prevent damage to crops, buildings, machinery, cars or idustrial products by reducing large hail stone formation in storms.

Icon for Rain Enhancement / Reduction

Rain Enhancement and Suppression

Alter the amount of precipitation to supply fresh water, support plant growth or for recreational purposes.

Icon for Snow Augmentation / Reduction

Snow Enhancement and Suppression

Significantly increase the amount of natural snowfall to enhance fresh water rerserves or improve conditions for winter sports. Reduce snow pack to prevent damage to buildings or mitigate avalanche risks.

Icon for Fog Dispersal

Fog and Smog Dispersal

Improve visibility and ensure safe operation of airports, roads, tunnels and industrial facilities by clearing fog and low-hanging clouds.

Scientific Research

Our elite team of researchers has been studying mesoscale meteorology and cloud microphysics for decades.

Based on our extensive research and practical experience, we have developed completly new chemical compounds which are significantly more effective than traditional cloud seeding materials.

At the same time we were able to make our products more economic and environmentally friendly.

Our advanced deployment systems – pyrotechnical and pneumatic flares, particle ejectors and ground based generators – are specifically engineered so they are safe, reliable and easy to use.

Comparative studies have proven the advantages of our groundbreaking technology; references are available on request.

Photo of Cloud Seeding Flare Testing in Climate Chamber
Testing of Flares in Climate Chamber

Our Approach

We provide both the technology and the know-how to make your weather modification program successful.

Whether you are looking to alter precipitation or prevent hail damage, looking to seed warm or cold clouds, deploy by aircraft or ground based systems – we will offer you a customized solution tailored to the circumstances.

Our experienced Cloud Seeding Consultants will help you assess your individual needs and objectives and suggest adequate products.

Our product range includes deployment systems for cloud seeding as well as the supplies necessary to keep you going. 

Depending on your use case, we can offer just the right system to fit your needs and are looking to become your long term partner.

We also offer flares which are compatible with many existing launcher systems, allowing you to upgrade to our innovative systems with low investment and at minimum risk.