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Professional cloud seeding tools

Our approach

We provide the technology and expertise to make your weather modification program a successful one. Whether you are looking to alter precipitation or prevent hail damage, in warm or cold clouds, deploy by aircraft or ground-based systems – we will offer you a customized solution tailored to your situation. Expert consultants at Cloud Seeding Technologies will assess your needs and objectives and suggest the best products and methods.

Our product range includes deployment systems for cloud seeding as well as the supplies essential to your project. We offer a customized system to fit your needs for years to come. Our flares are compatible with many existing deployment systems, allowing you to upgrade with low investment and at minimum risk.


Customized solutions for your needs

We offer services to get your project started, or to revitalize existing programs. We work with your staff and resources to eliminate waste and uncertainty while keeping you informed about emerging technologies.

Feasability studies

Before funding a complex project, investors want to know how well it will work. CST will help you manage expectations and mitigate risk.

Project implementation

Position your project for success with expert installation support.

Project consultation

Revive and enhance existing projects. We will identify optimization strategies to suit your situation.


Whether its turnover or new technology, our onsite training can help your people master their craft.

Special mission aircraft and modifications

Most aircraft commonly used for cloud seeding can be modified to accommodate updated or additional cloud seeding tools. We work closely with aviation professionals to ensure the safety of our customizations.

Icon for Ejectable Flares

Flare dispensers

Versatile configurations for electable flares.

Icon for Above-cloud Seeding by Aircraft

BIP racks

Customizable and safe for burn-in-place flares.

Weather detection

Weather data your crews need to know in time to make the best decision.

Our Product Range

Photo of ZEUS


Burn-in-place flare

Photo of IKARUS


Ejectable flare

Photo of TARU


Hygroscopic flare



Powder flare

Drawing of Ground-based Generators for Cloud Seeding

Ground Generator

Stand-alone generators for ground-based cloud seeding

JUNO Airborne Cloud Seeding Generator mounted on aircraft

Airborne Generator

CST exclusive airborne cloud seeding solution


Flare Tree

Logistically friendly ground based cloud seeding supplementation

Icon for Drone Seeding

Cloud Seeding Drones

Precision and multi-unit operation

Icon for Balloon Seeding

Cloud Seeding Ballons

Stand alone solution for project supplementation or independent operators

Contact us

Cloud seeding can be complex, and we are here to answer your questions. CST can also provide data sheets and videos for products and consultations for services. Please feel free to contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible.