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Smart Cloud Seeding Drones

Cloud Seeding Technologies is excited to offer a new kind of weather solution. Our Smart Drones offer promising results where traditional methods face logistical limitations. A single pilot can operate multiple units simultaneously and remotely, reducing cost. One of the biggest challenges in any cloud seeding operation is a lack of observational data, or gaps in the data that is available. Our drones are sensory equipped to relay crucial atmospheric observations during flight. This provides operators with essential information in real time for precision injection of the seeding agent into the cloud. The Smart Drone is launched from a protective base to an altitude high enough to detect the seeding area environment.

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Cloud seeding dreone

Specifications – Cloud Seeding Drone

Featuring six rotors to facilitate a maximum ascent rate of 10 m/s and a max flight ceiling of 20,000 ft. The drone relays atmospheric information to the operator in real-time and can be built to suit unique project requirements. The Smart Drone is equipped to measure:
This data is collected at a sample rate of 250 ms and is available in the most common standard formats. Smart Drones can be customized to preform project specific tasks. The general specifications of the flight module are:

Specifications – Remote Drone Base

Essential to remote operations, the Smart Drone Base allows for operation of up to ten drones at once. It is a secure, remotely operated, climate controlled, launch, land, and charge dock which stores the Drone and equipment securely when not in use. It prevents damage from wildlife, elements, and vandals alike. The drone station maintains reliability through the robust exterior and climate control components that prevent the launching pad from sticking shut in a frozen saturated environment or overheating in the hot sun.
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