About Cloud Seeding Technologies

Capable, responsive, effective.

We are a small company with a big impact.

Cloud Seeding Technologies supplies products, systems, and services to the global cloud seeding market. Our integrated approach to cloud seeding eliminates lost time and materials. Our team is as dynamic as the weather, providing flexible solutions. We champion new technologies to provide logistical advantages and economically accessible cloud seeding tools. Cloud Seeding Technologies unites global leaders in weather modification and aviation to facilitate and create ongoing success in cloud seeding operations Worldwide. Through rigorous collaboration and research, we combine meteorological expertise with superior technology, and meticulous engineering to present the most robust cloud seeding programs available. At CST, we understand that cloud seeding relies on science, technology, and proper execution in operations. We don’t wait for the science and technology to evolve, we research and create the solutions that solve problems, save money, time, and property. We seek new tools and new methods to take weather modification to new heights.

Client success drives our mission

We partner with leading institutions around the world and address our clients’ diverse needs by integrating our in-house capabilities with industry leaders, and technological universities to generate an unparalleled breadth of expertise and experience in the multi-faceted endeavour of cloud seeding.

Our partners

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Worldwide Radar Experts.


Invention. Innovation. Discovery. Our hope is that our instruments, solutions, scientific expertise, and services help you solve your biggest challenges.


Profiling Solutions that keep you Ahead of the Weather.

Contact us

Cloud seeding can be complex, and we are here to answer your questions. CST can also provide data sheets and videos for products and consultations for services. Please feel free to contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible.